Greetings Everyone.  I'm Author/Motivational Speaker, Cheryl Brown-Avery. It is with great pleasure to announce that my "Annie the Mule Children's Books," will be published in 2012 by TATE PUBLISHING & ENTERPRISES, LLC, Mustang, Oklahoma.  I'm excited and blessed to now have an Agent and a Publicist. Annie the Mule book covers and illustrations will be changing to a new look.  Annie the Mule is now retired from and will be back bigger than ever in 2012. I wanted to thank all of you for your support and God bless Tate Publishing Company. So ride along with Annie the Mule in 2012 as she takes reader's on many comical adventures wearing her famous PF Flyer Sneakers and her designer sunshades. I now have a new email address  God bless you all and Best wishes to everyone.